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How do you do, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to start my lecture about the work of our company «Gen3 Korea Innovation Consulting» in South Korea and to tell you about the peculiarities of working at the market of innovation consulting.

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I started to work with the company Gen3 Korea Innovation Consulting in 2009, but this period was preceded almost by a year (10,5 months, to be exact) of negotiations with the USA company Gen3 Partners. This famous American company studied the experience and success of QM&E (Quality  Management and Engineering) for a long time. By 2008 this company was one of the leaders of market in terms of 6 sigma consulting Sat the market of South Korea during 10 years. According to the opinion of the top-managers of this company the combination of this methodology for increasing the quality of the products with TRIZ was promising.

In 2009 the negotiations between QM&E and Gen3 Partners were finished and the company QM&E got the status of an Exclusive authorized representative of Gen3 Partners in South Korea.  After this solution was passed the company Gen3 Korea Innovation Consulting was created, in which I ave been working for 4 years already.


From my resume you can see that I started to do the projects associated with research and R&D back in 1986. It was about that time that I designed the systems for fire extinguishing for military sites. After that, since 1992, when a bourgeois revolution took place in our country I worked in different branches of business. In all my companies I used my knowledge of TRIZ. Since 2005 I started to work in South Korea. Samsung electronics, Samsung electromechanics and after that my work with Gen3 Korea Innovation Consulting started. 

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There are 5 persons currently working at our company, two TRIZ masters with a long period of work experience and 3 TRIZ specialists of Level 3, which are at the same time high level specialists in the field of 6 sigma. The combination of two methodologies in one product actually yields significant increase of consulting quality. In the slide you see our standard template for performance of the projects.

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Our plan for performance of the projects has 4 parts: Stage 1- analytical, in which all features of the system are identified, both positive and negative. Very important at this stage are the issues of defining all disadvantages of the system and the latent reasons of these disadvantages. There could be several such reasons and on order to do away with each of them it is possible to discover directions for generation of ideas. Stage 2- creative stage – the generation of ideas sometimes occupies less time than the analytical part. 3rd part of the project is devoted to comparative analysis of expressed ideas and to preliminary check of the quality of ideas involving the participation of scientists of the highest qualification.  There is a database of scientific consultants in the company, which exists for 20 years. It is currently possible to find 8 thousand specialists in 25 directions of science and technology.  After such a check the ideas are selected, which promise to yield the best results in designing.  Stage 4 is called verification. As a rule, 3 best ideas are selected for verification. The aim of this stage is to get convinced that the expressed ideas are workable for the customer.

In my opinion, Stages 3 and 4 are unique features of the Gen3 Partners culture. Such double verification of ideas yields the highest quality of innovation design. I think that the very presence of Stages 3 and 4 within the structure of performance of such projects explain why the company Gen3 Partners, or, to be exact, its Russian executive part, company “Algorithm”, operate at the market for more than 20 years.

For each of these stages there are its own special tools in the methodology of GEN3:ID (Innovation Discipline).  You see the list of these tools in the Slide. If the audience wishes, I could later provide for a short excursion throughout the palette of these tools.



All tools of classic TRIZ are used in our company – Ideal Final Result. Engeneering and Physical contradictions, ARIZ and 76 standards,  however, there are peculiar “corporative” tools, which were born in our company. For example, FOS – function-Oriented Search or Integration of alternative Systems, which is also called in specialized literature “Feature Tranfer”.  An important element of culture is the “trimming” procedure. Lack of time does not allow me to dwell upon each of the tools in greater detail. However, in the course of demonstrating the examples, I will offer short explanations. 

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I work in the South Korea since 2005. My first contract was with the company “Samsung electronics” , then I worked with “Samsung electromechanics” . After that I started to work with the company Gen3 Korea Innovation Consulting. You see the list of my personal successful projects, which I performed during the last 8 years. I also included my projects, associated with the fire extinguishing systems (1985-1992) with this list, since this period was rather successful from the viewpoint of TRIZ application. Only in the field of fire extinguishing systems I got more than 50 patents during that period and many of these patents found practical implementation. 

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It would be simpler to quickly read the topics of the projects, in order to imagine, what different industries are served by TRIZ experts. These are medical science, dyeing, conveyor systems for drying glass panels, velvet winding and technology of molybdenum dust spray coating over the film, and even the projects, which were performed by our company for the Korean Shin Nan Bank.  This is the third greatest bank in South Korea. For this company we perfrmed the analysis of possibilities to enhance the safety of cash dispensers and to improve other bank equipment. However, we also solved problems, which are far from being engineering ones, for example, the department of human resources complained that the employees simply don’t read their recommendations. We proposed to send the recommendations in audio-format, so that the text of the recommendations should be read by the children of the bank employees.  Because of respect to the labor of children the listening to the recommendations of human resources department became very popular among the bank employees. Everybody was touched by the manner of the children to painstakingly pronounce the difficult text. TRIZ could also solve non-engineering problems as well, since it develops creative thinking with experts.


 Allow me to demonstrate some examples of performing our projects. I selected the very simple ones for explaining the topic, since the representatives of fairly different companies and branches of industry are present in this hall. 

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The manufacturing of electronic pianos, like any other kind of manufacturing, includes the solving of the problem of decreasing expenditures on manufacturing operations. The manufacturing of hammers – counterweight of piano mechanism there includes the step for stamping the hammer body and drilling the holes for regulating the hammer weight. This piano is electronic, however, it should offer the pianist the illusion of playing an actual mechanical piano. At the same time the keys of an actual piano, which are located in the left – bass – part of the keyboard are a little bit tighter than the keys of the first and of the second octaves. In order to create an illusion of the force of pressing a key the drilling of holes of different diameter is used. Stamping machines can make hammers of only one shape. An ideal situation (IFR) is to have only one step in manufacturing of the counterweight hammer. The lower portion of the slide includes a diagram consisting of 36 typical disadvantages, which are encountered in engineering. This is a tool of professional solving, as it is perfomed by our company and we call it “Theory of harmful Machine” or sometimes “Theory of Disadvantages”. Within this diagram recommendations are selected from the trends of engineering systems evolution as applied to each of the disadvantages. For example, we identified our disadvantage as follows: “significant cost of manufacturing preparation”. For this disadvantage three recommendations are included with the diagram: To use the mechanisms Increase of Ideality, this is the symbol i. It is clear what this means: it is necessary to decrease the expenditures, apply the operations of integration of functions, using cheaper materials, etc.

Вторая рекомендация диаграммы - use the mechanisms of coordination and dis-coordination of the shape of the objects of analysis, this is the letter Н and the recommendation “to use the resources of Supersystem” or “Transgression to Supersystem”. What could this mean as a prompt in the generation of ideas?

We use stamping in order to create a unique technical object, however, it is better to use the objects, which were prepared in advance, for example, wire or thick bars. It would be cheaper than stamping. These are the resources of the Supersystem.

The recommendation of trends coordination – dis-coordination is associated with the technique number 4. “change the type of symmetry”. It is possible to pass over from the plane of the symmetry to central symmetry near the wire.

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You see the solution, which appeared as a result of adherence to recommendations for generation of ideas. We rejected stamping and started using wire – thick bars. It means that we changed the type of drilling with the object, that is the technique 4 and we trimmed the step for drilling, since the step for bar bending enables to perform the regulation of the hammer weight for different parts of the octave.  It is much simpler to bend the bard in any required place than to stamp the hammers and then to drill the holes. As a result, the company decreased the cost of hammer manufacturing by 35%.

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Onecompanyperformedthelabelingofbottleswithalcoholdrinks. I think that you yourselves see, what disadvantage this labeling machine has. Whocouldanswerthisquestion?  

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 I hear a correct answer. The disadvantage of this process consists in the fact that the labeling technol;ogy requires the stopping of the bottle. It means time losses and energy losses, since the equipment still works at the moment of stopping, and the useful function is not performed. 

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Once again we could address our diagram “Theory of Harmful Machine”. Our disadvantage is associated with energy. We loose energy, therefore, we enter the column “Field” and find the disadvantage, which corresponds to our situation  – “significant losses of energy at switching-over”.  Of course, the skill of recognizing disadvantages and finding their approximate analogies in the diagram requires certain skills, however, training enables to learn to do it quickly. Thus, our recommendations consist in using trends of non-linearity of engineering evolution. Letter S. We can also use the mechanism of “mono – bi – poly” in our treatment. The next recommendation is “To use trends and mechanisms “Increase of conductivity”. It is marked with a sign “arrow inside a circle” , which is directed to the right. The third recommendation is already known to us – “Transition to supersystem”.


The most interesting recommendation is the second one. The trends of increasing the conductivity of substance, field and information. Let us consider it in greater detail. 

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This trend explains the variations of using various types of motion in engineering. The motion can be translation, rotational, pulse, pendulum-like, reverse-translation and wave. This is reflected in the diagram with blue tracks. The video movie  2_movement reflects the ideas of my student Mr. Sahong Kim about the fact, that in engineering the combination of translation and rotational motion takes place very often. Mr. Sahong Kim shows the examples of such integration in the area of boxes with different types of motion. We could obtain already here the prompt concerning integration of two types of motion –  translation and rotational. The bottles have translation motion during 98% of time and only 2% of time is spent on rotational motion. Is it possible for us to use translation and rotational motion simultaneously?

By way of contributing to the process of the generation of ideas we could recollect similar scenarios in other fields of engineering. We call this approach Function-Oriented Search.

Where do we find problems of motion? In the history of fire weapons. The guns did not have winding inside their barrels 150 years ago and the bullets were characterized by translation motion only. During the next stage winding appeared, which contributed to the accuracy of shooting and the bullet acquired two types of motion: both translation motion and rotational one.  The same example we shall find in the history of evolution of nails and screws. You see how two types of motion could be combined in such case.


All this led us to the idea of a new concept of labeling machine.

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I think that you see the difference in two labeling machines – the old and the new one. ( 3_Old_System2) and ( 4_New_system). Now we can paste even two labels at once. By the way Mr. Sahong Kim made a brilliant career after studying TRIZ. He is currently a director of multi-consulting company “Doctor Business Center” in the city of Gumi and performs the grant of the Government of South Korea aimed at offering 3-year assistance to small and average enterprises in their current pmanufacturing problems. Creation of multi-consulting company “Doctor Business Center”, in which also work the где есть и 6 sigma specialists, TRIZ experts and marketologists as well as financiers – that is the progressive  (advanced) experience of Japan, which they decided to use in South Korea as well.


Four such DBC were created in  2011 in different provinces and according to the results of testing after one year of functioning was admitted to be the best. I am proud of success of my students and tell about it with pleasure. 

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You see an article from the magazine which advertizes a new robot vacuum cleaner. According to one of our recommendations an ultraviolet lamp for killing bacteria was built into this robot vacuum cleaner. In fact, the bacteria proliferate well in the rubbish container of the vacuum cleaner and it creates menace for the health of the people. Methods of exterminating microbes are presented at the MATCHEM diagram in this slide. By the way, Mr.Boris Zlotin, TRIZ Master, the author of this diagram, which was created more than 30 years ago, is present in this audience.  And the second recommendation – to use a mobile phone for controlling this robot vacuum cleaner. This is a typical example of following the trend of increasing ideality –  creating new useful functions. 

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This slide is devoted to our work in the field of medicine, namely, in the field of designing machines for rehabilitation of patients after a stroke. We started to work with this company in 2011. The first machine trained the abilities of the patient to hold the balance in standing position. To achieve that it was proposed to display a computer game on the screen, which involved the movement of the palm throughout the screen and touching the apples with the said palm.  The movement of the palm on the screen can be controlled through replacing the weight of the patient from the left leg to the right leg through feedback based on the sensors of weight on the soles of the patient, and the sensor of changing the leg inclination angle in bending.

There were other projects as well. From Video  5 5_medicine you see, how my colleague Min Giu Li tests the prototype of a machine for training the ability of the patient to stand up from the chair. Verification of ideas is a key issue in TRIZ consulting. The slide also includes a fragment of a publication, in which it is written that medical certification has already been obtained for one of the machines and it is possible to deliver this machine to the hospitals of South Korea.


The very fact that one and the same company invited us four times, speaks volumes. The customer receives real use from TRIZ consultants, that is the reason for him to invite us four times running.

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This project was aimed at creation of a new technology of powder dye coating of MDF furniture panels using the equipment for powder dyeing. The idea of using dyeing agent in the form of powder and applying it over the surface using electrostatic methods is not new. In this case: no dyeing agents are needed, there is no damage for ecology. The dyeing agent, which did not meet the object, is collected by cyclones and is reused (recirculated). However, this technology is used for dyeing metal, since the surface of the object being dyed should be electrically conductive, in order to generate grounding on it. Video 6 6_Move1 offers the process of applying dust paint using electrostatic fields.

The Austrian company “Tiger” developed current-conductive grounds for dyeing dielectrics  – мебельных панелей MDF furniture panels. Our customer asked to create a similar technology and to circumvent the patents of “Tiger”.


Using FOS we found several suitable technologies. For example, current-conductive paints in glasses of automobiles used for heating the rear glass. In our case we used epoxide and aluminum powder in order to obtain the features of electric conductivity. New current-conductive primer was characterized by high electric conductivity. Beside that we also got one additional result. In the photograph, made using an electronic microscope it is seen that the surface of the primer has a cellular structure, the cellules being rather small. This circumstance provides for enhancement of mechanical strength of the coat and increases the adhesion – for of gearing of paint (dyeing agent) and the ground. In Video 7 7_Move2 you could see, that several hammer strikes over the aluminum surface, over which the primer “epostat” was applied prior to dyeing did not deform the integrity of the dyeing. The plate was deformed, but the dyeing agent was not damaged. 

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All this enabled to find new spheres of application for powder dyeing of the dielectrics. It is possible to dye concrete products, stones, glass, bottles , ceramics and to confer beautiful decorative look to them. It is also possible to dye goods made of paper and tissues and to obtain the imitation of a metal coating

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In this slide you see a corrugated asbestos board (also called asbestos-concrete wavy board), which is dyed  using our technology. Such roof could be used for 30-40 years due to high adhesion and prevention of generation of cracks in the asbestos wavy board. In the same way it is also possible to dye foamed concrete structures, which are rather brittle, so that a new constructional material intended for quickly assembled structures could be obtained.


We got 6 patents issued to our customer and circumvented all patents of Tiger company. The customer discovered 3 new businesses based on the results of this project.

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This example beautifully illustrates the idea of “Trimming”. The essence of this idea consists in the fact of reducing the cost of products through the mechanism of reducing the number of components within a system. To achieve this, it is necessary to attentively study the functional model and to identify identical functions within this model. For example, a table with four legs has 4 identical functions  –  hold the surface of the table. The presence of identical functions could offer the ground for passing the function from one component to another. Thus, it is possible to invent a table with one leg and a base. The number of functions has decreased. And the price of the table has also decreased. 


The same logic could be applied, if we are going to decrease the cost of the torch lamp, which generates the electric current from clenching a fist. It is seen from the functional model that several components perform identical functions. These are toothed bar and spring. In Video 8 and 9 На 8_Trimming1-1 and  9_flywhellwe see experiments consisting in using a new, cheaper version of the torch-lamp. 

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TRIZ has two very important business components – solving the problems of the customer and teaching innovation design to the Customers. There is a biblical parable about the choice of a man. What should the man choose – fish, in order to satiate hunger or a fishing-rod in order to start fishing himself? The wise people will select a fishing rod and will be able to fish, when they are hungry and thus, they will be always fed. However, the silly men will select fish, eat it and next day will be hungry again.

The same situation exists around our services. It is much more profitable to master our sciences in order to quicker find the best solutions every day.

In 2010 our company published an on-line manual on modern TRIZ models. The manual started to successfully sell in two famous on-line bookstores of South Korea.  


It led to the fact that many companies expressed their wish to obtain deeper knowledge in the field of TRIZ. 

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This slide includes a list of our customers from South Korea, to whom we render TRIZ teaching services.  Since 2009 their number was increased 4 times. Появились постоянно действующие «TRIZ Universities”, which function permanently, appeared within the system of governmental programs  “Doctor Business Centers” – in the city of Gummi, in the city of Tegu and in the city of Ansan.

Many big companies invite us to conduct the training sessions again and again, which proves the usefulness of this product for the economy of these companies.


After studying the theory we perform training coaching sessions on the generation of ideas based on topics, which are assigned an advance, and involving the invention of new designs of goods by students together with an experienced teacher.  

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The most interesting designs, which are created by the students, are subjected to necessary verification by us.

Video 10-15видео 10_EM_Umbrella 30_October0-15 and 11_GOOSE and 12_Model4(7) and 13_CLIP and 14_MODEL47plusFLYINGBOY and 15_GUARD  allows us to see variants of new designs of umbrellas, which were obtained as a result of conducting coaching sessions in various companies. The design of umbrellas implies many option of improvement.  These 6 examples illustrate the work aimed at eliminating the disadvantage “using two hands for closing an umbrella”. You remember that even the modern automatic umbrellas enable to use only one hand for opening the umbrella, one hand for folding the cupola, however it implies the use of two hands for cocking the spring.  It is proposed to the students to invent an umbrella structure, in which only one hand is required for opening and closing.

Some solutions of cinematic patterns of umbrella parts movement are quite patentable and could be used as a base for creating new goods at the market.

I started my speech with describing the difference of our company from other TRIZ consulting companies operating at the market and told you that the project should necessarily be completed with a stage of verification, so that all latent secondary problems might be identified and the Customer might be offered the best possible recommendations on designing a new system or eliminating a manufacturing problem.   

The dialectic philosophy of Hegel, on which the entire foundation of TRIZ is based, asserts that only the practice is a criterion of truth.  

In TRIZ consulting only the results of verification are reliable criteria for evaluating the quality of developed concepts of technological solutions.


Now the main part of my speech is finished. It only remains for me to show my certificates, recommendation letters from my customers and articles in newspapers and magazines concerning the achievements of TRIZ in different projects.